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Apr/08: 2 page article on Studio Visit, Volume 2

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Studio Visit



Mar/08: 4 page article on New Art International Annual 2008
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Jun/07: Full Page article on Ana 35 Exhibit


Nov/05: Masters of the imagination Exhibition Catalog

From Vaeta Zitman’s mixed media on wood pieces comes a cultural awakening of Creole beauty and femininity. Her round flat figures with hazel skin command presence over the shallow canvas space. Her colors are a symphony in earth tones with umbers, siennas, and ochres, all glorifying the union of earth and figure. Her women are multi-ethnic symbols of humanity and commonality. The figures show elements of many cultures blended together to form an individual of exotic beauty and natural appeal. Vaeta’s women are a celebration of humble nobility. The figures are laden against sparse earth colored grounds. They appear self-sufficient and serene in their repose. In her own words, the images represent “’plenty’,” a rural Latin tropical beauty.” A round fullness of life circulates through the women’s’ features and throughout the fruits of their environment. There is no wanting or desperation in Vaeta’s work, simply the depiction of fulfillment and peace. After formal training in Caracas in illustration, Vaeta worked in sculpture, furniture building and painting.

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Aug/04: Gallery&Studio Magazine

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